Research & Projects

ALBIO TECHNOLOGIES, one of the well equipped Testing & Research laboratory in Kerala, provide all-in-one solution to facilitate in-house research projects, product development projects and academic research as per International quality protocols. Our technical team consists of Microbiologists, Molecular biologists, Chemists, Bioinformaticians, Geneticist etc.

ALBIO TECHNOLOGIES provides guidelines for projects and research works to professionals, graduates, post graduates and PhD students.


  • PCR based food pathogen detection
  • Real-Time PCR assay Development for rapid detection of pathogenic strains of Enterobacteriaceae from well waterEnzyme Biotechnology
  • Development of plant nutrient augmentation from soil with special reference to EM
  • Solid waste management through bioremediation
  • Mushroom cultivation- New strain development & Technology development
  • Improved feeds to foster disease resistance in aquaculture
  • Integrated pest management: An eco-friendly approach
  • Product performance evaluation of water purifiers
  • Analysis of pathogens (Rapid pathogen detection of both plant and animal diseases)
  • Antimicrobial studies (Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites)

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