Technology Development for a Green environment

ALBIO has strong in house research coordination which has resulted in a successful portfolio of scientific solutions and products. Our team of scientists is the single and most critical elements in creating an innovative organization focused on discovering and developing process & product oriented technologies.

Research areas:
    • Food microbiology
    • Pathogen detection
    • Plant pathology and Molecular Biology
    • Genetics & Plant breeding
    • Environmental pollution control
    • Waste management
    • Agriculture microbiology
    • Enzymology & Fermentation
    • Plant Physiology & Phytochemistry
    • Bioprocess engineering
    • Biodiversity & Ecology
Specialised & Exclusive Services
    • Biotechnology services
    • Microbial Testing Services
    • Phytochemistry analysis
    • Technology for Waste Management
    • Technology development
    • HACCP guidance & Testing