Consultancy Services

ALBIO offers consultancy services to industries and institutions requiring assistance for setting up laboratories, quality implementation and management of laboratories, technology transfer, product/ process validation etc. We conduct research & development services as per specific requirements of the clients.

Solid Waste Management

Our technology for solid waste management is an integrated approach to combining Biotechnology and biogas generation.

Enzyme based Products

We are specialized in enzyme based products & technology for industries

Analysis and testing

ALBIO provides extensive chemical and microbiological analysis and testing capabilities through fully fledged analytical and research laboratory located at Kalamassery.

Lab Designing

We are specialized in Design, Construction, and Renovation of Quality control and Research laboratories.


ALBIO Training Division provides various training programmes for Research students, Life science students

ALBIO has successfully launched many unique products like Biofertilizers (PGPR), Beneficial Microbes Consortium, and Marine Probiotics, all of which have many applications in daily life.

Ongoing Projects
    • Development of Plant Nutrient Augmentation from soil with special reference to EM
    • Solid Waste Management through Bioremediation
    • Improved Feeds to Foster Disease Resistance in Aquaculture
    • Integrated pest management: An eco-friendly approach
    • Product performance evaluation of water purifiers
    • Analysis of Pathogens (Rapid Pathogen Detection of Both Plant and Animal Diseases)
    • Antimicrobial Studies (bacteria, fungi and parasites)